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Where I am at, in my head

A shit-ton of things changed in my life since my last post. And yes, a shit-ton is an official weight. I got a new job For one thing: I got a new job. I am now the communications director for [...]

March 28, 2014 Movement, Surviving
All this parking could be mine!

Does a brain tumor diagnosis mean you are disabled?

A few weeks ago I met up with Sarah Funes: a regular contributor to #BTSM (brain tumor social media). I had never met her in real life, just on Twitter. She was in the state capital for work and we [...]

February 24, 2014 Surviving
Liz checking out an art installation at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento

What I wish I knew before my brain was diagnosed with cancer

I wrote this as a guest blog post for my friend Amanda. This will be part of her #52blog series, where each week a new blogger completes this phrase: What I wish I knew before my ______ was diagnosed with cancer. It can [...]

January 18, 2014 Surviving
Tree branch by @alnational on Instagram.

This is not a death sentence

To those of you diagnosed with a brain tumor–malignant or otherwise–for the love of god (or whatever you believe in), don’t tell yourself the diagnosis is a death sentence. Be as negative as you want. Dread the biopsy. Freak out [...]

January 13, 2014 Surviving
Carrying heavy things.

Beyond my diagnosis: Where do I go from here?

A cancer friend of mine recently posted on her popular blog that she was going to put her “story aside” after four years. She was now transitioning back to normal life after four years of writing about breast cancer. I [...]

January 2, 2014 Surviving
Me jumping for joy at being asked to host TEDxWomen in Sacramento.

Special certificate: brain cancer

In 2013 I celebrated my five-year cancer-versary (anniversary of the date one is diagnosed with cancer). In early 2014 I will celebrate the five-year anniversary of my second craniotomy. In this medical world–this crazy, crazy, world–professional patients like me celebrate [...]

December 18, 2013 Surviving
Mark Rothko, my cat, likes watching me using the computer

Will generic brain research trickle down and help us?

This is a transcription of a Facebook chat I had with one of my best friends. Liz: Hey. Go take this memory test and help with Alzheimer’s research: Liz: Take the ten minute test, immediately see your results, and then [...]

December 8, 2013 Surviving

Brain tumor awareness: you are doing it wrong

As a volunteer advocate with the National Brain Tumor Society I am often asked how people can help “spread awareness” about brain tumors. My answer is simple: become an advocate. According to Merriam Webster, advocates “argue for or support causes or [...]

November 10, 2013 Brain Tumor Advocacy
Liz doing push-ups.

Hitting a fitness milestone

For over a year now I have been diligently exercising and I just hit a fitness milestone: I can do a push-up all the way to the ground! This might not seem like a big deal–especially to men, with all your [...]

November 8, 2013 Surviving
The gray ribbon. Lacking in inspiration.

Zero shades of gray: Who’s to blame for lack of brain cancer awareness? (

The following is a post I wrote for the blog. See the original post here. As of 2013, nearly 700,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor. One of those 700,000 … is me. Unfortunately for us, brain [...]

October 14, 2013 Brain Tumor Advocacy
Photo by @CraigClarke on Instagram at

Open thread: What does “supporting a cure” look like to you?

Recently a woman posted a comment to one of my blog posts expressing her frustration with business as usual when it comes to brain tumor treatment. She said: I want to start supporting a cure, and am very interested to [...]

September 18, 2013 Brain Tumor Advocacy
Community Leadership award

What would you say to the most influential people in the brain tumor community?

If you had 5-7 minutes to talk in front of some of the most influential people in the brain tumor community, what would you say? On October 3 I am receiving the Community Leadership award from the National Brain Tumor [...]

September 16, 2013 Brain Tumor Advocacy, Surviving