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Liz checking out an art installation at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento

What I wish I knew before my brain was diagnosed with cancer

I wrote this as a guest blog post for my friend Amanda. This will be part of her #52blog series, where each week a new blogger completes this phrase: What I wish I knew before my ______ was diagnosed with cancer. It can [...]

January 18, 2014 Surviving
Tree branch by @alnational on Instagram.

This is not a death sentence

To those of you diagnosed with a brain tumor–malignant or otherwise–for the love of god (or whatever you believe in), don’t tell yourself the diagnosis is a death sentence. Be as negative as you want. Dread the biopsy. Freak out [...]

January 13, 2014 Surviving
Me jumping for joy at being asked to host TEDxWomen in Sacramento.

Special certificate: brain cancer

In 2013 I celebrated my five-year cancer-versary (anniversary of the date one is diagnosed with cancer). In early 2014 I will celebrate the five-year anniversary of my second craniotomy. In this medical world–this crazy, crazy, world–professional patients like me celebrate [...]

December 18, 2013 Surviving
TEDx Sacramento talk

Redefining the support group: my TEDx talk

Here’s a little something different: instead of a blog post, watch this video of me talking about my brain cancer experience. The moral of the story is you. Yes, you. This was recorded on April 18, 2013 as part of [...]

June 8, 2013 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
#BTSM tweet chat

How to participate in the #btsm tweet chat

The “Brain Tumor Social Media” Twitter community successfully organized its first “tweet chat” last Sunday, 7 PST/10 EST. The chat was so successful that Cure Today’s Elizabeth Whittington wrote about it just a few days later on their blog. The [...]

May 26, 2013 Surviving
In this photo? Three survivors, one window, and one BFF. All from California, and all kicking ass in Washington, DC.

Top 10 reasons I am a brain tumor advocate

This week I joined with hundreds of my fellow brain tumor advocates from around the country in Washington, DC, to attend the annual “Head to the Hill” lobby day organized by the National Brain Tumor Society. This is the second [...]

May 8, 2013 Brain Tumor Advocacy
book club

Support groups are not for everyone

I’ve been in a state of brain cancer reflection this week as I prepare for two upcoming presentations related to patient engagement through digital media. (I know, I’m a nerd.) Then I remembered this day… The bus About four weeks [...]

April 7, 2013 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
I'm pretty sure this is not how I pulled a muscle in my back... but it could be how the guy dragging me around on the tire will pull a muscle.

How the rest of the medical community deals with cancer

Cancer has been following me around the past two weeks. I had my routine lady-doctor exam and all is well. Then the OB/GYN asked how everything was going with… um, you know… the brain cancer thing. “It’s the same,” I [...]

March 21, 2013 Surviving

Your friend, Logan

I was at the gym working on my “clean and jerk” (which looks like this graphic), when the song “Complex“ started playing through the sound system. The band was Little Tin Frog. The drummer was Logan Whitehurst, a long time friend, fellow [...]

January 26, 2013 Surviving
Liz with deadlift bar

Students needed: specializing in the field of brain tumors

Coincidence? I think not! (But it probably is.) Since joining a new gym in mid-July I met a woman who lost her mom to a glioblastoma, a young man with a oglioastrocytoma who recently finished Temodar, and the woman who [...]

November 16, 2012 Brain Tumor Advocacy, Surviving
Ask me about brain cancer.

Questions submitted for the 2012 National Brain Tumor Society Summit

Before I left for the National Brain Tumor Society’s annual summit I asked The Liz Army blog readers if you had questions you would like me to ask doctors and health care professionals I would presumably meet at the event. [...]

October 21, 2012 Brain Tumor Advocacy
lift with your head

Lift with your head: the other 90% of my brain

In the past I have viewed exercise as a chore. Repetitive weight lifting and mindless jogs on a treadmill were never my idea of fun. But I still have cancer in my brain–so I need to do something to feel like [...]

September 30, 2012 Surviving