This hurts a lot more than it looks. (Stll typing 1 handed, by the way.)

Leading up to surgery I thought I was going to have all these big incusions and that my tattoo would be destroyed. I had even come to terms with the tattoo destruction. After surgery I had a big ‘ol bandage over the wound and couldn’t seeit for 72 hours. The bandage covered my entire right shouler area and I imagined a Frankinstein wound with wild stitches and oozing skin. I thought my koi fish woould be missing a head. At leadst, that’s how my arm/shoulder felt.

Then Brett removed the bandage and laughed at me. I had three TINY incisions with a total of five stitches. How could something so small hurt so bad?!

The srgery DID include the cutting and repair of the labrum and some bone in my shoulder, so that’s why. Also, thehealing is going to take six MONTHS. In comparison, it only taks six WEEKS to heal from brain surgrey. (Seriusly, my neuro-surgeon cleared me for Disneyland after 2 months. I had to double-check and see if that meant I could go on Space Mountsin.)

So… healing has been ging well but I am returning to work tomorrow, two days after I thought I’d be back. I haad some problems with the pain meds. We finally took me off narcotics completely and now I am just taking 800mg of Ibuprofen (which isn’t even for pain). Dr. Z thinks I am hardcore for dropping the narcotics, but I would waaay rather be in pain than be out of it, in a drgged stupor, with the world spinning, constipated and nauseated beyond reason.

I guess cancer patients with epilepsy can still feel powerfully straight edge… even at age 30.