Me and by buddy Erin

I met Erin’s husband at a brain tumor support group shortly after her craniotomy and diagnosis (grade 4 glioblastoma, holy smokes!). Erin had given birth to her second child just 4th months prior to going to the ER in July 2009. I remember reading in her blog later that she was glad she didn’t find out about the tumor during the pregnancy because, well, that would have made things complicated.

Erin has gone through radiation and takes lots of Temodar, like the rest of us brain cancer peeps. For a while there she and I were on the same schedule–kinda like when women have their periods at the same time. We’d send each other e-mails near the end of the week and complain about the nausea and what we wish we were eating. Our schedules are off now ever since I did the shoulder surgery, but we still commiserate.

Erin is a badass and I just want people to know about her. You can read her blog at This Mom Fights.