I short-changed my Keppra dosing this week by mistake. I’m supposed to have 1,500mg in the morning and 2,000mg in the evening, but I must have filled up my Old Man Pill Case wrong. All this week I’ve been taking 1,500mg in the evening. The good news is that I’m feeling fine.

I always told myself I’d be super careful with the seizure meds because… who wants a seizure? But deep down I’ve often questioned the reasoning behind my 3,500mg/day when the most people can take is 3,000mg–anything above that is pointless.

I once had an on-call neurologist express disbelief at my abnormally high dosage. He said he wouldn’t even prescribe that much Keppra to a man who was six feet tall weighing 250 pounds.

I feel guilty having accidentally weaned myself to a lower dose without medical consent. But, but, I didn’t do it on purpose! Honest!

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