I saw a friend put “The Fountain” on his Netflix queue, so I added it to mine. Brett and I noticed it was available as a streaming movie so we decided to watch on our Playstation 3 last night.

Ah, geez. I didn’t realize the movie was about a man who’s wife was dying from a brain tumor. Could it have been more relevant to our lives? Stupid movies. It’s hard to not put yourself if the role of the main characters, let alone when your real life parallels the lives of the characters in the movie.

No, Brett isn’t a neuroscientist looking for a cure for brain tumors while experimenting on primates for the NIH. No, I didn’t write a book about the queen of Spain commissioning a conquistador to look for the Tree of Life in “New Spain.” But yes, I know Brett would do anything to try and save me. And like the woman with the brain tumor, I try to frame my ultimate death as something that’s beyond my comprehension and part of a bigger picture.

Did I like the movie? Sure, it was visually stimulating and beautiful–but it was a little “out there.”

Did Brett and I cry because it hit close to home? Nope.

Should you watch it? Only if you can make fun of death as much as Brett and I can.