Taking last dose of TemodarAs usual, I fell asleep during my MRI yesterday. The technician even asked, “Are you OK in there?” I guess she was used to people responding each time she said, “This next one will take 5 minutes. … This one will be 2 minutes.” Why would I respond when she was waking me up? 

While I was waiting for the neuro crew to show up and evaluate the scan I checked email on my phone and received a great message from David S., my brain cancer twin. In his message he summed up exactly how I’ve been feeling lately:

The post chemo transition was kind of difficult for me, as I went from “doing something” to “waiting for the anvil to drop”.

At least I’m not the only one who feels that way. Apparently we’re all normal for being anxious.

And the MRI was fine. I saw it compared with the scan in January 2009 when my tumor grew back and compared with yesterday, the 2009 scan was an ugly sight.

The next steps are MRIs every three months. In the meantime… I have some survivorship to get used to.