Me after my second brain surgery.

My friend Erin is having her second brain surgery on Wednesday and last night I had this dream:

I found out that my tumor had grown and I was on my way to Kaiser for a surgery consult. All I could think about was that Erin was having surgery too. (In real life our surgeons work at the same hospital.)

The world outside of the car I was riding in was falling apart. There was fire in the sky and I could see planets on the horizon (similar to how we see the moon). Brett was driving and I was on my phone with the hospital pleading with the receptionist if my surgery could be at the same time as Erin’s. I was even asking if we could be operated on right next to each other.

The scheduler seemed confused–even weirded out.

After I got off the call I called Erin; I wanted to let her know what I was trying to do but she didn’t answer.

And at the hospital I didn’t see her around.

I felt like no matter what I wanted, I wasn’t part of her hospital experience.