Confession: I haven’t exercised in three months. Actually, I exercised once since this blog post back in April.

I can make all kinds of excuses why, but you know what excuses are like.

I felt so bad about it yesterday that I cried. Brett comforted me and even gave me an inspirational speech about how great I am. Even though he had already exercised by the time I was crying he said he’d go with me to workout. After crying I didn’t feel like exercising.

I was working myself up over it all and I wasn’t motivated. Logically, I knew the only thing holding me back was me.

Somehow Brett convinced me to do four sets of five push-ups… for a total of 20 push-ups… on my knees. Sad… but better than nothing?

I told myself that today, after work, I’d go run for 20 minutes. And even though I didn’t feel like it, I did. I got on a treadmill and went to it.

I listened to The Police, The Cars, and Tears For Fears, and I ran. The cool thing was that I could run as fast as I used to before the three-month break.

The bad thing was that the odd sensation I get while exercising due to sensory loss from my last brain surgery was overly weird and disconcerting. I wasn’t used to it…

That’s right… the thing most out of shape was my body’s response to brain damage.