Liz and Brett
When you are done fighting... keep fighting.

What to do while you’re waiting for your cancer to come back

It sounds pessimistic, but let’s be real: even when you are moving on with your life and enjoying survivorship or remission, you still worry about cancer from time to time.

Now that I am done with treatment I feel somewhat powerless. Brain surgeries and chemo sucks, but I at least felt like I was doing something to combat my disease.

Today I still have cancer and we are watching it… but for how long?

I say, screw “watch and wait.” What’s next?

Fight cancer with advocacy

There are three cancer-related themes I am interested in, and this year, I’m tackling them all.

  1. Adolescent and young adult cancer advocacy (also called AYA cancer)
  2. Brain tumor advocacy
  3. Cancer and social media
I’ve got irons in the fire for all three areas of interest, and 2012 is going to rock my world.