media in the waiting area
This is the literature I look forward to reading while waiting for the doctor.

My next MRI is sneaking up on me…

I am having an intense work-up on Tuesday (April 17). I will be seeing the *new* neuro-oncologist here in Sacramento for the second time… and this is the first time with an accompanying MRI.

I was seeing the neuro-oncology team in south San Francisco since 2008, but Kaiser finally hired a badass doctor in my home town. This is going to be convenient, but I am really going to miss Super Awesome Nurse. I still have her cell number and email address; she can’t shake me loose. (And we’re friends on Facebook. )

The new doctor, Dr. L., asked if I would be OK having one of those super long MRIs… the kind that last for over an hour… to set a baseline for him. Since I am a big fan of scans and medical procedures I said, “Hell yeah!” He already thinks I am crazy.

So yes… Tuesday it is. Big long scan. New doctor to scrutinize my medical history. Should be interesting.

And if I don’t like him? I’ll go back to south San Francisco. It’s as simple as that.

Viva la patient empowerment.