Brain MRI on April 17, 2012
Brain MRI from April 17, 2012

It has been one year since I was on Temodar chemotherapy and the results are in.


My brain tumor is stable. See for yourself…

The scan on the left is my brain today, and the scan on the right is my brain one year ago after completing 24-months of Temodar.

Since I am psychic, and have answered a million questions about brain scans, I am going to answer all the questions I know you have:

  • The black spot is not the tumor, it is a hole filled with spinal fluid. This is the area from which my neurosurgeon removed the majority of my grade 2 astrocytoma brain tumor.
  • Yes, I still have remaining cancerous cells in my brain. See the white cloudy area to the upper-right of the black hole? Those are cancerous cells. That is the area we watch from scan to scan to see if it grows.
  • No, the tumor is not shrinking. It may look that way in this particular screenshot, but what we are looking at is just one of 30+ layers in an MRI of my head. From scan to scan my head may be in a slightly different position; we are not able to compare the same exact head positioning.
So what does this mean? It means I am to free to continue going about my normal life.
Until the next scan.