Us brain cancer peeps get check-ups in neuro-surgery, not in oncology.

What’s the status from my latest brain MRI? No growth!

Also, my new neuro-oncologist is proud I’ve started exercising.

He mumbled something about exercise helping build a stronger immune system and remarked, “You’ve lost six pounds since you were last here.”

What-what?! Say that again? Really?

And oh yeah, a stronger immune system is also good.

In other news, I found out my neurosurgeon retired. That kinda bummed me out.

Now that he is no longer practicing I will mention his name and give him a shout out.

Dr. Aloysius Llaguno:

Thank you for answering all my silly questions and tagging my head with a sharpie marker in pre-op. Thank for you for the nine hours you spent in my head during surgery #1, and the four hours you were in my head during surgery #2. Thank you for being a badass. Thank you for saving my life.

Hallmark is seriously missing out on the “thank you for saving my life” card genre.