This week I joined with hundreds of my fellow brain tumor advocates from around the country in Washington, DC, to attend the annual “Head to the Hill” lobby day organized by the National Brain Tumor Society. This is the second year in a row I’ve traveled to our nation’s capital to educate our members of Congress on critical issues currently facing the brain tumor community.

Here are the top 10 reasons I am a brain tumor advocate:

  1. Advocacy gives me a path to keep fighting my brain cancer, even though treatment is on pause.
  2. Meeting other brain tumor survivors lets me know I am not alone in this fight.
  3. Meeting families who have lost a loved one to a brain tumor humbles me, and keeps me motivated to advocate for more research.
  4. Buttons and T-shirts: advocates get sweet swag from the National Brain Tumor Society.
  5. Talking to my senators and congressman (whether I voted for them or not) means I am participating in our great democracy. (‘Merica!)
  6. I am putting a living face to a disease not many people know about, and I am demonstrating people can live and thrive when medical research leads to effective treatment.
  7. I get to surprise myself: Before brain cancer I never thought I’d be that person who travels across the country to talk to representatives and senators. Now I am! Holy shit!
  8. Getting to go into government buildings in Washington, DC, makes you feel pretty badass.
  9. I like seeing the brain tumor survivors I met last year… I like knowing that they are doing OK.
  10. My husband says he is proud of me. (Awwwww…)

Are you ready to take a step toward brain tumor advocacy?

Sign up for the National Brain Tumor Society’s advocacy email list to start taking action. (They only send a message when it is important. Honest.)