To those of you diagnosed with a brain tumor–malignant or otherwise–for the love of god (or whatever you believe in), don’t tell yourself the diagnosis is a death sentence.

Be as negative as you want. Dread the biopsy. Freak out about the brain surgery. Get sick of chemo. But don’t tell yourself this is death sentence.

Your doctors may be amazing, and some might turn out to be douche bags with a horrible bedside manner. But this isn’t a death sentence.

You hate the new meds you are on. You hate the weight you gained (or lost) during treatment. But if you tell me this is a “death sentence,” I will kick your ass.

We will lose abilities. Some are physical, others are mental. The brain is a fucked up location for a tumor. But you can’t declare a death sentence.

There is no period at the end of the sentence that is your life, until you are declared dead.

In the meantime, live this out. You owe it to yourself.