So many things have happened.

  • Emily died.
  • I lobbied for the oral chemo parity bill in Washington, DC, with awesome advocates from California.
  • I visited my Congressman’s office (just 10 miles from my house) in August.
  • No bill has passed.
  • I went to the National Brain Tumor Society annual summit in October in Boston. They presented Emily with a posthumous award. Her parents accepted and I bawled my eyes out.
  • Catherine and I planned an entire year’s worth of #BTSM tweet chats and inspired each other.
  • Then David died.
  • I applied to Stanford’s Medicine X conference as an ePatient and did not make the cut. (But Catherine made the cut, FTW!)
  • Then Brittany Maynard. That is a sentence on its own.
  • Then that freshman basketballer played her first and only game.

My world is on fire for people with brain tumors.

Every day I think about something I need to write. A story I need to tell… to you. Whomever is reading this sentence. I think about you every day but my rule is to not write unless I can do a post justice. And this is really a cop-out post.

So for now, here is this video. A recent rant captured on video by the National Brain Tumor Society. When I said these words I was angry about people who are angry about the lack of “awareness” for brain tumors. I get angry that people think our disease is slighted for some reason (because we don’t have an entire month devoted to our cause, e.g., breast cancer awareness month). The truth is, there are things you can do and you just need to get out there and do something. Let me know if I need to write another tutorial.

If you like this video send $10 to the National Brain Tumor Society for supporting my habit.