Sunday 19th February 2017,
The Liz Army

Meta Open Source: Open sourcing my blog post about “I am the open source patient”

Open Source trailer

A little over one year ago I wrote a blog post declaring that, “I am the open source patient.”

Little did I know a few months later I would be contacted by RedHat–a mega distributor of Linux-based services… and they were working on a mini-documentary about open source and healthcare.

And… they asked if I would be in the documentary.

Also featured in the video is super rad brain cancer patient Steven Keating, and the people who created Open Notes–a national initiative working to give patients access to the visit notes written by their doctors, nurses, or other clinicians.

Check out the trailer here, or visit the Open Source Stories web page.

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  • Chris Fox

    Wow, awesome, Liz! Hey, and did I see you lifting some ginormous weight in there? Woman!

    • Liz

      Indeed, you did. However, the weight is not ginormous… it is 35kg. Looks can be deceiving!

  • Your favorite neighborhood Linux nerd checking in here: RedHat is not “the mega giant behind the Linux operating system”. Without diving into the debate about the difference between the Linux _kernel_ and Linux _distributions_, suffice to say that RedHat is a big company releasing two major Linux distributions (RedHat and Fedora Linux) and who also sell a lot of services and support around Linux. They have in no way invented Linux or are even the only ones releasing a Linux distribution. See if you want to see the myriad of different (often quite esoteric) Linux distributions :)

    • Liz

      Thanks for the clarification, Patrick (my long time brain tumor friend!). I will edit this post to clarify more about Linux distribution.

      I appreciate you checking in on me. :)