This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

When I started looking for new doctors I posted this “ad” in two places: LinkedIn and Craigslist.

Highly engaged and empowered patient seeks new Sacramento-area primary care physician within the Sutter Health or UC Davis network.

You are a physician living on the cutting edge of patient-centered care. You understand and respect that there is a new generation of patients living with chronic conditions, and that patients can be savvy and intelligent about reviewing research and making informed decisions. You understand it is important to understand “what matters most” to your patients, encourage curiosity and questions, and believe that the patient is the true owner of their health data. Your electronic medical record system has the capability to share “notes,” and you write your notes keeping the patient perspective in mind.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

Bonus points if you have ever attended the Stanford Medicine X conference, have been involved in PCORI-funded projects, are familiar with the work of Eric Topol, MD, or have an understanding of the e-patient movement.

Note: Patient is transferring from the Kaiser Permanente system—not because of any issue with Kaiser, but due to a change in health insurance.