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The most misunderstood member of your health care team: the hospital chaplain

After my first brain surgery I remember lying in the neuro-ICU when a visitor came to the door. The visitor announced herself as the hospital chaplain and said she “just wanted to come by” and see how I was doing. [...]

November 4, 2016 Newly Diagnosed, Surviving

Redefining the support group: my TEDx talk

Here’s a little something different: instead of a blog post, watch this video of me talking about my brain cancer experience. The moral of the story is you. Yes, you. This was recorded on April 18, 2013 as part of [...]

June 8, 2013 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
book club

Support groups are not for everyone

I’ve been in a state of brain cancer reflection this week as I prepare for two upcoming presentations related to patient engagement through digital media. (I know, I’m a nerd.) Then I remembered this day… The bus About four weeks [...]

April 7, 2013 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving

Brain surgery: the inside story (pun slightly intended)

I volunteer as a “Mentor Angel” with a group called Imerman Angels. This organization carefully matches and individually pairs people touched by cancer (a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver) with someone who has fought and survived the same type of cancer [...]

April 13, 2012 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
Twitter Republic

The birth of the brain tumor hashtag on Twitter (and how it was inspired by the breast cancer community) #btsm

When it comes to team spirit, the breast cancer community has got it going on. This community certainly has enough patients, survivors and caregivers to give the community a boost when breast cancer accounts for a little more than 10 [...]

February 9, 2012 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
Glioma Girls: Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk 2012

Join my team for the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk

Dear friends, family and people we don’t know: Are you ready to join a crew so fierce that brain cancer cowers at the mere mention of our name? Team Glioma Girls invites you to join us for the Bay Area [...]

February 4, 2012 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving

To have a slow-growing brain tumor

Three and a half years after my diagnosis my health care system finally hired a neuro-oncologist for the Sacramento area. You’d think the California state Capitol would have a fancy oncologist a bit sooner than that, but apparently neuro-oncology isn’t [...]

January 21, 2012 In Treatment, Newly Diagnosed, Surviving
Ready for bed?

Ready for bed?

I stayed up late for no reason except to enjoy it it. Brett is playing Resident Evil 2/3/whatever on the Wii. We both keep ourselves entertained each day. Wake up, pills. Breakfast and green tea. Read about neuroplasticity. Do balance [...]

February 28, 2009 Newly Diagnosed
Don’t you hate it when biased patient populations mess up the sample?

Don’t you hate it when biased patient populations mess up the sample?

From Gene expression analysis of glioblastomas identifies the major molecular basis for the prognostic benefit of younger age:In large academic hospitals, [tumors] come from a wide variety of patients from across different cities, states, or countries. In contrast, local hospitals [...]

February 27, 2009 Newly Diagnosed
Cancer treatment for dummies

Cancer treatment for dummies

Note: I feel guilty most of my links refer you to Wikipedia articles, but they’re usually great overviews for a topic. It’s official: I begin chemotherapy next Monday! It seems like a weird thing to be excited about, but I’ve [...]

February 25, 2009 Newly Diagnosed
Getting the stitches removed from my head

Getting the stitches removed from my head


February 23, 2009 Newly Diagnosed
Genius idea

Genius idea

Guess what I’m going to do? I’m going to borrow a keyboard and play piano for a few weeks. Piano was my first instrument and I can still read music, but I haven’t played piano in a long while (8-10 [...]

February 22, 2009 Newly Diagnosed