Monday 23rd January 2017,
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Four months at a time: living between brain scans

I live my life four months at a time. After a good scan I am happy to move forward with my life for a while. In some cases I do long-range planning: I am going to a wedding this summer. [...]

February 18, 2013 Surviving
Liz inside the trolley car at AT&T Park

Baseball: the ultimate cancer therapy

I didn’t grow up in a family that was into sports. My annual exposure to sporting events was the Super Bowl, which was primarily an excuse to consume meatball subs and large amounts of French onion dip. I never played Little [...]

June 18, 2012 In Treatment, Surviving
Giants vs. A's

Should a 32-year-old with brain cancer save for retirement?

Help me decide: Should one save for retirement when they have an incurable form of cancer with a high mortality rate? There are a few different ways to look at this situation. I could think on the bright side: I [...]

June 1, 2012 Surviving


The best part about being done with treatment is that people are no longer uncomfortable around me. When you are in treatment and you tell people you have cancer they look at you with pity. Friends ask how things are [...]

May 6, 2011 Surviving

What is family?

There’s a guy I know who thinks he’s old. I don’t think he’s old, but he certainly knows a lot of things. He’s a well educated man (now practicing law from a home office) who wakes up each day around [...]

August 29, 2010 In Treatment

My normal life with cancer

For the month of May I tried to boycott talking about brain cancer just to see if I had the will to do it. Sat., May 1 was the day of the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk, so I started [...]

June 12, 2010 In Treatment

In celebration of us

The Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk was incredible and The Liz Army team raised more than $5,000! Not bad for a first time team. There are so many reasons why this day was special to me and I won’t remember [...]

May 2, 2010 In Treatment
The things your loved ones put up with

The things your loved ones put up with

Melanie is my best friend, and she was helping me try on clothes since my shoulder is still stiff from surgery. If you were in the ladies dressing room at Macy’s today, you may have overheard this conversation between Mel [...]

April 24, 2010 In Treatment
Thumbs up

Happy surger-versary, to me!

  Best friend Mel fed me ice chips after surgery because I was starving. Today is the one year anniversary of my second craniotomy. Remember how I couldn’t walk after my second surgery? Remember I how I had to do [...]

February 6, 2010 In Treatment
Jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium

I want to be an invertebrate

  Mel and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I took a picture of these cool guys. [...]

November 15, 2009 In Treatment
Evidence of symptoms

Evidence of symptoms

I’m purging my collection of books, magazines, notes, etc. I have too much stuff around. Why do I need to keep the books I’ve read? I should just keep the ones I love or want to have for reference. During [...]

April 18, 2009 In Treatment

Cancer witness protection

I was prescribed a new anti-nausea medication to take during Chemo Week and it’s amazing. In fact, it was so amazing that on Wednesday I went to see Wicked in San Francisco with Mel, I had Thai food and rice [...]

April 9, 2009 In Treatment