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Being cool with everything

Being cool with everything

I take a chemo pill one week a month to destroy a cancerous brain tumor. By the end of the week I am exhausted, tired and nauseous. And I’m cool with that. During the following weeks my strength returns and I [...]

March 12, 2011 In Treatment

My platelets rock

OMG! Temodar cycle 21 starts next Monday (one week from now) and my platelet count is at the highest it has ever been during during chemotherapy. That is freakin’ amazing. (See chart above.) I always thought that after taking Temodar [...]

January 2, 2011 In Treatment

Stupid platelets

Bittersweet is what I’d call tonight. I was supposed to begin cycle 14 of Temodar, but my day 28 blood work shows that my platelet count is low. (But not dangerously low.) I have to wait until next Monday evening [...]

April 19, 2010 In Treatment
Platelet Burger

Platelet Burger

Once-A-Month Hamburger Night is tonight! I ritually eat a hamburger (with no cheese) before my week 3 blood draw because I believe it reflects favorably toward my platelet count. My platelets are at their lowest during week three of my [...]

August 18, 2009 In Treatment

Let the chemo begin!

My platelet count is 128. I’m over the cutoff at 100 (but still under the “regular person” minimum of 140), so I can begin my 5th round of Temodar tonight. Viva la Temodar! [...]

July 2, 2009 In Treatment

I heart graphs

  Another reason I like Kaiser: I can make custom graphs from their Web site based on previous test results! My white blood cell count has remained consistent since November ’08. My platelets dropped a bit in late March and [...]

April 14, 2009 In Treatment
Low platelet count

Low platelet count

I can’t start chemotherapy this week because my platelet count is low. Fortunately my white blood cell count is good. This can all be a blessing in disguise allowing me the opportunity to: Attend the A’s/Giants game on Thursday See [...]

March 31, 2009 In Treatment