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Me in weightlifting shoes.

Expressing survivorship as an athlete

Spoiler alert: My brain is fine. Also, this is over 1,000 words which means I am expressing my feels. I have sad news. In an earlier post I announced with much fanfare that I was going to compete in an [...]

April 11, 2015 Movement, Surviving


Brett and I played tennis today. I hadn’t done that in a long time! It seems my shoulder is feeling normal. (Remember I had shoulder surgery in March 2010?) My game is pretty good, I just need to practice my [...]

January 9, 2011 In Treatment
A letter to The Liz Army (May 2010)

A letter to The Liz Army (May 2010)

Written by Brett, and sent via e-mail to friends Dear Friends of the Liz Army, Greetings! As you may have noticed, it has been quite some time since there has been a Liz related update. Well, as they say in [...]

May 21, 2010 In Treatment
Me, four months after brain surgery 2.0, jumping in the air while waiting in line to ride Space Mountain. – Disneyland, May 2009

Obligatory pre-MRI post

The last MRI of my brain was on February 24. A week after that I had a shoulder surgery. I went six weeks without Temodar chemo (as opposed to the routine 4 weeks) because of the surgery, and then last [...]

May 17, 2010 In Treatment

Them bones: I have a Hills-Sachs lesion

My previous post promised an explanation of the mysterious bodily images. Most of you can probably guess what it was–the inside of my (right) shoulder. The soft, white/fleshy looking stuff of the torn labrum in need of repair. A big surprise [...]

April 23, 2010 In Treatment

I love this stuff

I am too tired to even justify this post with an explanation, but let me just say that what you are looking at is neither brain nor crab meat. It is, however, mine. Ponder that for now and I will [...]

April 20, 2010 In Treatment
Body stress makes you tired, duh

Body stress makes you tired, duh

I left work about a half-hour early yesterday. I was at a good stopping point and had already completed quite a few things. As I traveled along Interstate 80 toward home–which is the worst commute ever–I just felt so tired. [...]

March 25, 2010 In Treatment
The soup can routine

The soup can routine

Is brain cancer and a recently operated shoulder a good excuse for not exercising? I mean, I take walks a couple days a week… but I certainly haven’t been breaking a sweat lately. I haven’t gained any weight, but I [...]

March 15, 2010 In Treatment
Tired, so tired, must… stop… typing…

Tired, so tired, must… stop… typing…

Reminder: Still typing 1 handed. I was talking 2 thee kaiser advice nurse and was telling her thhat I was feeling really tired after returning 2 work after shoulder surgery. She said that i need to remember tht general anesthetia [...]

March 11, 2010 In Treatment
I’ve got the straight edge

I’ve got the straight edge

This hurts a lot more than it looks. (Stll typing 1 handed, by the way.) Leading up to surgery I thought I was going to have all these big incusions and that my tattoo would be destroyed. I had even [...]

March 9, 2010 In Treatment

The third time’s the charm

Note: One-armed typers can get away with typos after surgery. Typing 1 handed now that shoulder surgery is over. (48 hours ago.) First they had me on Vicodin then Percoset. Now I have to switch bavk and forth between the [...]

March 5, 2010 In Treatment
Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Ahhhhhh! Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I guess the stuff they used to numb a nerve in my arm/shoulder (called a “nerve block”) officially wore off about 2 hours ago. This blog was posted from my [...]

March 4, 2010 In Treatment