About the Medical Records Project

After being with the same HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) my entire adult life, my insurance changed to a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) in January 2017. Rather than view this transition as a pain in the ass (which it is), I decided to document and track the time it takes and steps involved with making this major transition in my health care.

The Medical Records Project is an open source journal chronicling my transition from the closed loop of an HMO for the wild, wild west of a PPO health insurance plan. This page includes a log of my activities, time, and reflections on this process.

In the future we won't ask, "Do you take my insurance?" We will ask, "Do you take my data?"

Time spent by patient (me) so far

LAST UPDATED: November 26, 2017

4.5 hours

Identifying new health providers, setting up appointments

7.75 hours

First visit with new providers

Relationship established with primary care provider and neurologist

7.6 hours

Transferring my health data between providers

3 hours

Getting all prescriptions authorized and filled for the first time at a pharmacy