Sunday 19th February 2017,
The Liz Army

Back on the exercise wagon, for reals this time

The cat at my gym.

I’ve always loved this Henry Rollins quote,

Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.

As a long-time straight edger, it’s been easy to keep my blood “clean”. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. (Except for Temodar, I was HOOKED on that stuff.) <– inside joke for those with brain cancer

I keep my mind sharp. I think critically, I question, I learn. Good deal.

Now it is time for me to focus on keeping my body lean.

That’s right. I said it.

If life is short, and if my tumor grows back, it is worth having made myself as strong as possible before the fight. It is worth feeling good in my own skin, especially if I only have a short time in this skin.

And if I have a long time left in my body, well fuckin’ a, I will be stoked knowing I put in the effort for a reason: to feel good for the rest of my life.

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  • Right enough! Another good reminder to exercise.

  • Jeff S.

    Yea, I think I’ll start exercising ……….tomorrow.Seriously good luck.

    • How are you doing? I’ve completed 4 weeks! WOOT!

  • Ray Cappo

    Gorilla Biscuits!!! Youth of Today! NYC Hardcore!!!

    • For reals! You got it, Ray!

  • Ingrid

    Good luck! How do you plan to do it? Run? Bike? Swim?

    • I am going to a gym that subscribes to the physical subculture philosophy. Essentially, it’s big kit playtime!

      Website for gym philosophy is at 

      • Ingrid

        Wow! Impressive. Looks like a pretty strict schedule?I now have a 70’s stationary bike in my flat- a more modest type of exercise I guess, but way better than nothing. After starting getting my pulse up a lot more often,I realize that even when I feel like crap and exercise seems a totally illogical way to start the day- most of the time it makes me feel better. Helps mussles relax and the brain wind down. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  • Patrick Macedo

    Rock on Liz! I talked to a cancer survivor and father of a recently diagnosed glioma kid (18 years-old…) and he shared that exercising can improve survival outcomes as much as 30% to 40%, and therefore is as effective as a new drug! This survey was done on colon cancer survivors  but hey, I still swear that exercising has been keeping me well through all these years.  Let’s live for a long time exercising!

    • Patrick: I totally agree.

      Just saw my neuro-oncologist yesterday and he was very excited to hear that I was exercising. All the exercise boosts our immune system–which is better for fighting cancer. Yay!

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  • DAMN straight.  :)