A blog post I wrote for The BMJ just went live on their website:
Tomorrow’s patients will demand greater transparency and openness.

I met BMJ senior editor Tessa Richards in Austria at Salzburg Global Seminar Session 553. Tessa invited me to write about my experience at the session as part of a greater BMJ initiative to highlight patient perspectives.

Here’s a snippet from my piece:

“…not everyone needs to be living with a serious or chronic condition in order to become more actively engaged in their health, and we need to make it easier—and dare I say it, fun—to do so.

“We live in a world where virtually all industries are being disrupted, and healthcare is next. The desire for a culture of transparency and openness does not just come from us “sick people.” This is what future consumers of healthcare expect—a group that will continue to grow as people are living longer with chronic conditions and serious illness.

“It should come as no surprise that the people who are the largest consumers of healthcare will help lead this revolution toward transparency and openness… and we can only do this with clinicians as partners.”

Go read the whole blog post at bmj.com!