I stayed up late for no reason except to enjoy it it. Brett is playing Resident Evil 2/3/whatever on the Wii. We both keep ourselves entertained each day. Wake up, pills. Breakfast and green tea. Read about neuroplasticity. Do balance exercises. Shower. Go on Facebook. Read more. Make lunch. Drink more green tea. Go for a walk. Take a nap. Use the Juiceman juicer. Go on Facebook again. Reply to emails. Go to the Kaiser Web site and respond to doctor emails. Get excited if a doctor says something cool. Make dinner. Watch a TV show on DVD. Drink more green tea and eat dark chocolate. Take nighttime pills. Do balance exercises. Stay up late researching young adult cancer stuff on the Web. Wish there were more resources for brain cancer patients. Wish there were more resources for women with brain cancer. Wish there were more resources for young adults with brain cancer. Wish there were as many monetary resources for young people with cancer as there are for senior citizens and children.

At least I have Shannon. Thankfully she doesn’t have cancer, but she does have a mysterious neurological condition currently baffling UCSF. Our dianosies are different, but experiences are, at times, earily similar: seizures, loss of balance, similar types of doctors.